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Size isn’t everything: The amazing world of miniature model masterpieces.

Thousands of incredibly detailed miniature creations, including wine bottles, works of art and furniture, were on show at the annual Miniatura exhibition and trade show at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre this weekend.

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Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka, brings the world to life in stunning detail in miniature. 

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Take a look at these incredibly tiny illustrations of the American West by California-based artist Sam Larson. Now go grab a penny and then look at the drawings again to really appreciate just how small they are. Our favorite piece is the Bigfoot scene. That may be the tiniest Sasquatch we’ve ever seen.

Larson posts all of his marvelous miniature illustrations on his Instagram account. Follow him there to see more.

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My Aunt makes dollhouses. This is her latest creation. - Imgur


Diem Chau's miniature pencil and crayon sculptures.

(Source: exhibition-ism.com )


"what do u want to be when u grow up"

not u


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